Cross-dress with Class
It's all about you.

Venue and Facilities

To show you more about Cross-Dressing With Class, we have several photo slideshows, which will give you a better idea of the setup of Ophelia's venue, and the vast array of clothing, underwear, make-up, wigs and much more.

The Venue

Here is a slideshow of photographs showing the venue at Cross-Dress With Class, including the sumptuous decor and its facilities.

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The Clothes

Here is a slideshow of photographs of the beautiful feminine clothing and shoes available at Cross-Dress With Class, from casual wear to formal wear and including a beautiful wedding dress.

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The Girly Things

Here is a slideshow of photographs of the things that will transform you, showing the large range of bras, undergarments, wigs and makeup available at Cross-Dress With Class.

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