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Client Photos

Here are slide shows of photos of Ophelia's clients. Ophelia has given each client a title that befits their style and/or personality.

Ophelia will display client photos only with their permission and with photos selected by the client. Photos can be edited to avoid identification.

The Dancer:

The Socialite:

The Princess:

The Peacock:

The Singer:

The Actress:

The Enthusiast:

The Secretary:

The Student:

The Sophisticate:

The Celebrant:

The Delight:

The Temptress:

The Cougar:

The Housewife:

The Dream:

The Writer:

The Natural:


The slide-shows will start automatically when you click the buttons above.

Each photo is displayed for about four seconds, then will move on to the next photo.

You can select a specific photo by clicking the thumbnail photos at the bottom of the page. This will stop the slide show. You restart the slideshow by using your browser's Refresh/Reload function.

When you have finished viewing a slide-show of an event, use your browser's BACK button to return this index page.