Cross-dress with Class
It's all about you.


Ophelia's Duty of Care to you...


Communication via text, email or phone calls that does not exceed two hours prior to your appointment. If you suffer a change of plans and need to reschedule, please do so at your first opportunity, thus allowing me to devote that time to a plethora of other worthy causes.

Duration of Appointment:

We should be able to achieve all key objectives within 5 hours. You take home many dozens of photos to admire and fun memories to reflect upon. Recounts are always a delight for both the reader and the author and Ophelia treasures them. Should you desire to extend the experience, an hourly rate needs to be incurred.

Not Acceptable:

It is an abrogation of my Duty of Care for there to be any client contact outside of what is the provision of a Professional Service. Ophelia is possessed of a formidable education and could potentially help others see cross dressing within a positive paradigm. Should family or friends seek my counsel, an appointment needs to be arranged. Time is precious in my very busy life.

Please respect that my time is both finite and valued...

Insightful books and journal articles have been avidly read and collected along with a desire to share this knowledge. The teacher in me has on offer a number of hand outs for the cost of the hard copy only. In my capacity as a lucky member of the Seahorse Society, I am happy to be as helpful as possible at the meetings. There is no cost for that. It is always a fun night with great people.

Sex with Ophelia is NOT on offer.