Cross-dress with Class
It's all about you.

Services & Prices

Is all about you.

Enter the delicious world of wardrobe choice, expensive makeup and all the fabulous accessories that make being a woman so fun.

Prior coordination with Ophelia ensures your ideal scenario, via: or 0450 898 959

Photos taken throughout the day for you to keep. Going for a walk along the beach or to a restaurant or shopping or any other tasteful excursation is included in the Introductory Experience.

Full Transformation

5 hours or more - suits the girl who has not decided on her look for going out or who just likes to play with clothes, make-up, stilettos and photography. It really is all about you. Many of my clients tell me that much of what we do is for them virgin territory but that they have dreamed of such a day coming true for as long as decades. Should you be inclined to extend the experience and since I too am having fun, it is altogether likely we could go out for dinner. It can be so sad to take the wig off. Importantly, this introductory experience builds trust thus allowing you subsequent use of private dream room, walk- in closets, storage and mail facilities, plus individual girlie treatments. Client photos give an idea of what to expect but central to my focus is having fun.

Total Price: $480.00 for the five hour session.

Master Class Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

Arrive by 6 p.m. / leave by 10 a.m. - suits the experienced cross dresser on a business trip possessed of the courage to wear a dress in public. You stay overnight in the fully equipped and comfy dream room which can have exactly what you request waiting. You bring your own things and dress as you normally do. We can enjoy anything from French or Italian cuisine to fish and chips down at the beach. Our discussions and photos will analyse your deportment and offer new ideas for your fem appearance. At the risk of sleep deprivation, you may also wish to later play solo with my extensive wardrobe and camera tripod. Coffee or tea and fruit and muesli served in the morning.

Total Price: $350.00

Master Class, Lunch or Dinner

2-3 Hours - suits the busy professional who desires a fun meal with effervescent Ophelia for some updates and gossip - arrive dressed or get ready here - your style will be studied and alternatives suggested throughout our dining adventure. Souvenir photographs will reveal how small changes can make a big difference to your presentation. I am always happy to take pictures so be prepared to feel like a catwalk runway model.

Total Price: $250.00

Private use of dream room (3 hours within same day)

My ideal location lets you take a taxi or bus into the city or to local attractions. You may leave your belongings secure whilst enjoying one of many blissful adrenalin fuelled outings before returning to shower and change. Or you may just bring a sandwich and relax in the room. TV, DVD and a wireless laptop are all available for your amusement.

Total Price: $150.00