Cross-dress with Class
It's all about you.

Cross-dress with Class

Welcome to Melbourne’s Premier Transformation Service for cross-dressers. Former clients living in Sydney may continue to enjoy dressing with Ophelia’s help when she visits each month for a week but her primary location is now just outside of Melbourne’s CBD.

This transformation service was set up in early 2012 after “Cross Dress with Dignity” closed with the venerable Kenike selling some of his stock to Ophelia. She is a genetic woman determined to help all who desire to cross dress see how fun it is to dress properly from head to foot. Sophisticated, glamorous and sexy is her target look for clients to achieve - drag is not an option.

You will have the experience of a lifetime transforming from being dressed in drab male clothes to looking like the woman of your dreams.


Ophelia is a really up-beat bubbly woman who joined Seahorse as a member with the primary aim of supporting cross-dressers. She describes herself as a "perfectionist" and will aim to have you looking the perfect woman. She has an excellent understanding of cross-dressers and their requirements for experience looking like a real woman.

She has a large range of clothes, styles and sizes from everyday wear through to six wedding dresses, and everything in between. She has a killer range of shoes with amazing high stilettos. She has extensive makeup for all styles and occasions.

Let Ophelia get you out of that closet!

The evening should always include a trip to one of the local restaurants. At one moment, you could be having your first ever fully dressed en-femme experience and then minutes later, you find yourself in a restaurant as a woman in the company of the amazing Ophelia, thinking to yourself: "Oh My God! I am actually out in public dressed as a woman... and no one is staring at me!"

Take the Master Class

Are you already an experienced cross-dresser? Are you interested in improving your skills, correcting any faults, getting a fresh look and style, or looking for new ideas? Then, a consultation with Ophelia could be the thing you need. We can all improve and have fun doing it!

Seahorse Society of NSW

The Seahorse Society strongly supports this service. Ophelia has been a member since early 2012 and has been a great asset to the organisation and its members. She has also recommended her clients to Seahorse.